Nourish Your Hair With Our Keratin Treatment

Here at Jade Salon of Atlanta, we have done thousands of various keratin treatments on all hair textures. We offer several strengths to suit your desired result.

The Wonders of Keratin Treatment

In comparison to the Japanese straightening treatment, the keratin treatment is semi-permanent. It will usually last for three to five months and will significantly smooth your hair cuticle, helping prevent frizz.

This treatment makes use of keratin protein hair treatment by Coppola, which is a formaldehyde-free product. It is excellent for those who want a little more texture and body to their hair but would like it to be frizz-free, especially during summer. With this treatment, there is little distinction when the keratin fades out of the hair after four months, making it an excellent choice for clients who may not want regular maintenance.

Keratin Treatment for Every Hair

The Brazilian Blowout treatment is the most strongest keratin treatment and will significantly straighten the curl pattern and prevent frizz. We also offer Keratherapy and GK Keratin, which tend to be milder but still add a lot of shine!

If you prefer an amino acid smoothing treatment to straighten your hair, we offer those too! Amino acid keratins don’t smoke as much as the traditional kind and last just as long. Milder Brazilian Keratin treatments are excellent choice for clients who prefer a little more texture, body, and curl to their hair but would like it to feel and look healthier and more beautiful.

Works Well Even for Damaged Hair

Keratin treatment is necessary for damaged hair or regularly relaxed hair. All hair types can have this done because it will restore protein, seal the outer cuticle, and add shine to the hair after any chemical process. In fact, it works better the more processed your hair is because the hair cuticle is very porous and will absorb the keratin well.

Special sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free shampoos are required to increase the longevity of the application. Our particular choice of shampoos is excellent for all chemically treated hair because the alternative ingredients are of a higher grade; they don't strip the hair of essential nutrients. They deposit the right balance of protein and moisture to keep the hair always looking its best.

Great for Color-Treated Hair

Yes, keratin treatment works well on color-treated hair! In fact, if you reserve a hair color appointment and keratin treatment with us on the same day, we can give you a nice discount! Haircuts are also complimentary with this service. Pricing for keratin treatment is $250 for average hair length.

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